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English Fire Place Range

Please find below a selection of our current antique and reproduction Fireplaces. If you cannot find the piece you require then please don't hesitate to contact us at our showroom on 020 8741 4400. Or by Email. If you would like to view recently sold items please click here.

Stock No MS008
£7,500 + VAT

Width 72" 1.83m

Height 50" 1.27m

Opening Width 38" 97cm

Opening Height 38" 97cm

Depth of Shelf 13 " 33cm

Victorian Carrera marble chimneypiece with reeds to jambs and frieze and acorn and leaf motif to side blockings. To include inset grate

Stock No HPJ130

Width 80½” 2045mm

Height 62¼" 1580mm

Opening Width 37¼" 945mm

Opening Height 41½" 1055mm

Depth of Shelf TBA

An early 19 th century, English, chimney piece in streaked Carrara and Statuary marbles. Circa 1840.  

Stock No 3454
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Width 66" 1.68m

Height 44½" 1.13m

Opening Width 50" 1.27m

Opening Height 36" 92cm

Depth of Shelf 10½" 27cm

19th C English Ardennes Grey/Silvester marble chimneypiece

Stock No 171147

Width 60" 1.53m

Height 47¾" 1.21m

Opening Width 33½" 85cm

Opening Height 35 " 89m

Depth of Shelf 8" 20cm

Regency style Statuary marble chimneypiece inlaid with porphyry ovals to centre panel and side blockings. Sienna marble interior slips

Stock No MS001

Width 64½" 1.64m

Height 45" 1.15m

Opening Width
45" 1.15m
Opening Height
35" 89cm

Depth of Shelf 9½" 24cm

Regency style sienna and statuary marble chimneypiece


Stock No DP171146
£42,500 + VAT

Width 80" 2.03m

Height 58½" 1.49m

Opening Width 50 " 1.27cm

Opening Height 42" 1.07m

Depth of Shelf 13 " 33cm

Fine Quality 18th century Statuary marble chimneypiece with Ionic columns, fluted frieze,and centre panel carved with music scroll, musical instruments and vine leaves with berries. Egg and dart moulding to opening.

Stock No MS003

Width 71" 1.80m

Height 53½" 1.36m

Opening Width
43" 1.09m
Opening Height
40½" 1.03m

Depth of Shelf 9" 23cm

Early 19th century brocatella and statuary marble chimneypiece


Stock No HP168
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Width 59½" 1.51m

Height 47½" 1.21m

Opening Width 36" 91cm

Opening Height 37" 94cm

Depth of Shelf 11½" 29cm

Regency style statuary and yellow marble chimneypiece with finely carved carytids to jambs. Fluted cornice surmounted by break front shelf. 20th century

Stock No HPJ131

Width 79” 201cm

Height 63¾” 161.8cm

Opening Width 46¼” 117cm

Opening Height 48½” 123cm

Depth of Shelf 10½” 26.6cm

An unusual 19 th century Italian chimney piece in veined Streaked Carrara marble, the moulded shelf with ribbed edge above the barrel shaped frieze. Circa 1835.

Stock No TG284
£17,500 + VAT

Width 69½" 1765m

Height 49¼" 1241mm

Opening Width 40" 1016mm

Opening Height 37¾” 1010mm

Depth of Shelf 12½" 318mm

Early 19th century English Regency Statuary and Tinos marble fireplace with full round columns and leaf carving to the base and stylized lotus leaf design to capitals and centre panel.

Stock No SL1

Width 53½" 1.36m

Height 50" 1.27m

Opening Width 35½ " 90cm

Opening Height 43½" 1.10m

Depth of Shelf 6" 15cm

Reproduction wooden chimneypiece with fluted jambs and frieze and centre panel of Laurel leaves and arrows (To include orginal slips and hearth)