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Please find below a selection of our current antique Mirrors. If you cannot find the piece you require then please don't hesitate to contact us at our showroom on 020 8741 4400. Or by Email. If you would like to view recently sold items please click here.

Stock No CW2
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Width 27" 70cm

Height 30½" 78cm

Regency gilt wood mirror

Stock No CW32798
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Width 26" 66m

Height 44" 1.13m

Mid 18th century gilt wood mirror

Stock No 1966
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Width 33" 84m

Height 58" 1.48m

Regency mirror with border glassess, replacement glass, circa 1810

Stock No 2025
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Width 66" 1.68m

Height 29" 74cm

Sheraton giltwood mirror, replacement glass, circa 1795

Stock No CW14
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Width 24" 61m

Height 52" 1.33m

Late Regency 3 plate over mantel mirror

Stock No CW17496
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Width 38" 99m

Height 28" 73m

Regency Giltwood and Gesso paneled reversible mirror

Stock No CW13297
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Width 66" 1.68m

Height 95" 1.42m

Early quarter of 19th century giltwood mirror with Acanthus leaf cresting designed as an over mantel.

Stock No CW94
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Width 50" 1.27m

Height 51" 1.30m

Late 19th century giltwood over mantel with original gilding and glass.

Stock No CWA2043
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Width 15" 40cm

Height 29" 74.5cm

Regency mirror with original gilding circa 1810

Stock No CW31
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Diameter 21" 53cm

Height n/a

Regency period convex mirror circa 1820

Stock No CW3/2
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Width 42" 1.08m

Height 24" 63cm

Late Regency or William IV rosewood and gilt mirror circa 1840

Stock No CW3/3
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Width 30" 78m

Height 49" 1.25m

Victiorian giltwood overmantel mirror circa 1860

Stock No CW2A
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Width 42" 1.08m

Height 22" 56cm

Regency period mirror circa 1810

Stock No 2019
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Width 48" 1.24m

Height 24" 61cm

George III Chippendale period giltwood mirror, replacement glass, circa 1760

Stock No 1355
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Width 24" 61cm

Height 43" 1.09m

Late George II mahogany and gilt 0mirror, replacement glass, circa 1750

Stock No 2075
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Width 21" 54cm

Height 47" 1.20m

George III Carton Pierre painted mirror, replacement glass, circa 1790

Stock No 2085 (pair)
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Width 22" 56cm

Height 32" 82m

A pair of 19th century walnut and gilt mirrors English circa 1870

Stock No 1504
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Width 22" 56cm

Height 51" 1.30m

Late George III oval mirror, replacement glass. English circa 1790

Recently Sold Mirrors    
Stock No CW12
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Width 22" 56cm

Height 35" 91cm

Regency period convex mirror with eagle to top

Stock No CWB
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Diameter 24" 63cm

Height n/a

Regency carved round giltwood mirror circa 1820